Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks Easter Bunny! Wasn't Expecting It that...

Had a "great" Easter round our house, but little did I know what Easter would truly bring to me. As my previous post stated, I took part in a ceremony at church, where we were given the opportunity to nail "battles" to the cross. I talked about having left (attempted to leave that is!) my battle with weight on the cross on several occasions in this same type of
ceremony, only to pick it back up.
Well God works in mysterious ways. I prayed really hard that night and days after, that this would be the time I had truly turned it over to God, but have you ever had one of those times where you knew God heard, but you didn't think he was answering? Well, that's called Beth's impatience and God's timing! I was sitting down 2 nights ago and downloaded a "passle" of pictures that I had stock piled on memory cards. THERE IT WAS!! Easter, I really wanted to get pictures of my grandmother that has been having health problems and my Aunt took my camera and snapped some shots of her, which happened to be sitting right next to me! There I sat looking at the picture of my sweet grandmother and there I was next to her, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THE PERSON I WAS LOOKING AT! How can a person that feels one way inside look so different on the outside. Well I was appalled to say the least, but didn't know what to do with my emotions. This is when I usually turn to what I've obviously made the love of my life, food!, but instead, of "ALL things! I felt lead to once again investigate WW, but online this time. I should truly own stock in WW after all my failed attempts, but I felt lead, so I joined WW online. Once again, went to bed and prayed. Didn't feel totally convicted "hook, line, and sinker", but I was following what I felt I was supposed to do. Got up Monday, another day, went into my closet and NOTHING fit!! It was as if some cruel "devil" fairy came in overnight and sabotaged me! I put on, slung off into the floor, I put on, slung off into the floor!
God had spoken!!
I was mad, not at life, somebody, the food, and so on, so on.....
I was mad at the addiction and what it was stealing from me!!
I would say to make a long story short, but being that I've "babbled" for so long I think it's too late for that! Lol! I am learning to navigate WW online and actually really like it. I'm going to weigh in on Friday mornings and going to spend alot of time in HIS word for his revelations for me!
I used to blog on another blog just for weight, but the more I thought about it, this addiction is part of me and what better way to deal with it than to have friends praying me through!
Wish me luck, in his strength I can do this! Only in his strength!


Lil_Britt_Girl said...

I know exactly what you're going through. I thought about doing a separate "weight loss" blog but I feel the same as you... it's a part of me and my life and what I'm going through so I wanted to include my weight loss journey on the same blog as all my other life journeys.

Girl, you CAN do it! I KNOW you can! Anytime you want to walk the track, give me a holler! I love walking but definitely enjoy having a partner.

I love you and I am here if you ever need to talk. I am not doing WW. Don't know much about it... but I do know the struggles of eating healthy, exercising and fighting the "addictions".

Glad to see you blogging again! Keep it up! It'll help you!